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June 3, 2015

Dear Lori,
Thank you so much for helping me decorate my new home.  You are so easy to work with; I couldn’t have done it without you.  I would highly recommend you.  You have such a natural flair for design. Everything just feels so comfortable.  And I love the colors we chose. 


Thanks again, Francesca Luca




August 16, 2012

To whom it may concern:

After a long process of searching for a second home in the city, we finally found our dream place. We decided that renovating it would be easier and less stressful if we hired a professional who would guide us with ideas, layout, and specific recommendations. To say that we would
have not been able to complete this job without the talents and help of Lori, would be an understatement.

As we live in another state, we would have never been able to materialize our thoughts, ideas
and vision for the interior design of the space without the help and professionalism of a designer like Lori.  Simply stated Lori went so far over and beyond our expectations of her job duties that we were able to go about our everydaylives, while enjoying this project without it seeming as a distraction. She turned what might seem a daunting undertaking into an enjoyable task. Her organizational skills, understanding of our needs, and implementation of her work created a final result that was far better than what we had hoped for.

One of Lori’s strongest traits is her ability to communicate. Not only was she in constant contact with us about updates, changes, and recommendations, but she was also continually reaching out to our contractor, electrician, plumber, and retail companies. We felt that Lori was proud of her work and that her utmost concern was her clients’ satisfaction. Lori was ALWAYS easy to reach and responded almost immediately. 

Since Lori facilitated the entire project from demolition to decoration, we could write numerous pages describing specific examples of how impressed we were with the individual stages. Even more important to us was the fact that everything was completed with her pleasant smile, positive attitude, and warm demeanor.

We found Lori on the internet. She started out as our designer and ended up as our friend.

Thank you 

Robert DeCamp and Kathleen Burke



July 19, 2012

This was my first experience working with a designer and I wasn’t quite sure 
what to expect. Lori was very easy to work with and was quickly able to get a 
sense of my style with just a few clues from me. Lori worked with me on
colors, window treatment and a challenging wall space within my condo.The 
design that Lori came up for this space, is one of my favorite focal
within my home and is complimented on by everyone who sees it, as well I am 
constantly  complimented on the paint colors within my condo. 
I am completely satisfied with the work Lori did in my condo and
working with her to be pleasure. She was completely accommodating and respectful 
to my timelines and budget as well as provided good communication so there were 
no surprises.  I will  definitely be recommending Lori to all my 
friends and family and look forward to working with her on any future design 
projects I have. 

More than
satisfied customer,
Marc Dobay

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